Trail Marker with Coyote Skull

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The trail marker is used by a clan or family to mark a trail. It indicates the direction to a ceremony, meeting or the home of a clan. The colors on the trail marker are the clan colors. Deer antlers represent family and gentleness. A medicine wheel is placed between the horns to protect the family from harm and misfortune. Coyote skulls represent wisdom and trickery, the coyote is known for the clever tricks he plays on others. Feathers represent a connection with prayer and protection. They hold and carry all your dreams and prayers and protect you and your family. A spearhead at the bottom of a trail marker is used for securing the marker into the ground. A trail marker without the spearhead denotes a clan living in a mountainous region; in this case the marker is hung from a tree or placed by a boulder. Skulls, trim, leather and beads will vary.

Certificate of Authenticity included.